Creating a powerful retail experience with emerging technologies

The retail industry is at a crossroads today. The imminent shift to digital is driven by the market as the digitally literate consumer is always pushing for better deals, better services, or simply put an improved shopping experience.

There is the threat of ever-shrinking margins thanks to the competition working harder. It is all about drawing consumers to your stores and maintaining their loyalty. But how do you constantly understand customer preferences and changing behavior?

The convergence of Artificial intelligence, Analytics, Big Data, Mobility, and so on is an opportunity that needs to be quickly leveraged. The heavy sunk cost in IT may make it seem like a dilemma, but a future-proofed business is equipped with the right tools to crack this digital dawning.


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Adding Value to Retail

The retail team at Experion comprises of domain practitioners, architects and digital experts working with clients improve customer experience. Technology changes are re-writing retail business, with the conventional industry rules being sidestepped. Experion is delighted to have been part of many transformational implementations effecting digital transformation within the retail domain. Our clients now practice intelligent procurement, win better deals from suppliers, craft more appealing merchandising & promotion options and cut inefficiencies all around.



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