Pushing the Boundaries of Insurtech

Businesses are adopting emerging technologies to implement digital methods that can eliminate operational inefficiencies, solve legacy issues, enhance customer experience, and improve the speed and accuracy of claims processing to a greater degree.

REM Arizona Inc has already taken the lead in building insurtech for the emerging markets. We’ve built our solutions on innovations such as IoT, AI, predictive analytics systems, chatbots, automation, etc. The purpose is not just to put our customers ahead of the curve, but also to maximize value propositions for their customers in the long run.

REM Arizona Inc has a long history of working with companies at the forefront of technological evolution. We work with startups as well as Fortune 100s with mature processes and systems – building new solutions on the cutting edge of technology.

Our Insurance Expertise

Experion has the right expertise and solutions to make your business the best in the industry!


  • whether you are starting a new Insurance-based business or looking to re-energize your existing business by taking advantage of the latest developments in Insurtech
  • whether you are a small business looking to create a simple app or a growing software business looking to set up a platform to encompass entire functions of the insurance business
  • whether you are an agency, independent agent, carrier, producer, broker, business partner or a re-insurer
  • whether your business is based on policy, billing, or claim
  • whether your role is that of a claims administrator, adjuster, examiner, underwriter, auditor, customer service representative, finance advisor, appraiser, or sales manager
  • whether you are a company with a long history trying to come to terms with the latest ways of doing business and trying to beat off competition from startups
  • whether you are an Independent Software Vendor launching or re-launching your product with tough timelines to meet and near-impossible features to launch

Insurtech Solutions

Claims Management & Operations

We deliver claims management software that elevates all facets of your claims management processes such as claims assignment, verification, investigation, damage detection, FNOL and loss coverage, scoping and loss evaluation, claims settlement, recovery and reporting.

Our claims and operations management solutions will help you:

  • Improve efficiency of claims operations
  • Effectively manage claims across all lines of business
  • Process claims faster with automated claims management systems
  • Improve customer satisfaction and retention
  • Reduce overhead expenses and save time with intelligent rule-based assessment
  • Reduce claim cycle times

Policy Administration & Services

Our innovative insurance policy administration solutions are designed to automate the entire customer service request lifecycle and perform activities such as auto-fetching of policy details from the integrated systems, document scanning with optical character recognition (OCR), split/merging of documents, case classification, etc. With our AAIS compliant insurance software solutions, we streamline your policy administration tasks and enable multi-tasking within your teams, while effectively managing conflicts and offering superior customer service.

Our policy lifecycle management solutions will help you:

  • Eliminate manual and tedious administrative tasks
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Improve agent and policy holder experiences
  • Offer effective, faster and contextual customer communications
  • Enhance customer service

Policy Issuance & Underwriting

Our insurance underwriting solutions automate manual processes for capturing details of clients, applicants, adjusters, doctors, etc., information fetching, policy issuance, etc. and shorten the prospect to customer lifecycle. We help insurtech companies in delivering superior user experiences by eliminating manual interventions in policy elements and underwriting validations and evaluation, including anti-money laundering, duplicity checks, fraud and blacklisting.

Our policy underwriting solutions will help you:

  • Automatically evaluate and issue policies
  • Improve speed and efficiency of key underwriting tasks by augmented underwriting methods
  • Ensure zero underwriting errors

Worker’s Compensation and Litigation Claims

Considering all the complexities associated with workers’ compensation and litigation claims, we have devised solutions to help attorneys follow a client-focused approach to create strategic legal solutions for each case. Our solutions enable employers, insurance carriers, self-insured groups and third-party administrators to easily navigate workers’ compensation defense. Our workers’ compensation capabilities include:

  • Digital case handling
  • AI-enabled document extraction and classification
  • Digital Attorney calendar handling
  • Digital medical appointment handling
  • Case rating engine
  • Automated scanning of case documents with conflict and fraud checks

Payments and Invoice Management

We have built payment and collection systems keeping in mind that payment methods may vary based on the lines of business. Our innovative solutions for digital payments enable insurance companies to trigger payment reminders, reward early bill payments and issue late payment penalties. We automate and streamline the billing activities with automated invoice generation, payment follow-ups, recurring and one-time payment plan development, collection and account and cash management.


Application Development & Maintenance

Independent Verification & Validation

Application Modernization

Technology Consulting

Business Intelligence & Analytics


Adding value to Insurtech

REM Arizona Inc not only has the technical expertise, but also has functional depth in the property and casualty (P&C), motor insurance, life and health insurance, and workers’ compensation domains. We‘ve made a habit of building cutting-edge, cloud-based solutions that enable insurers to craft better customer experiences, navigate regulations faster, and reduce manual processes. Our innovative business models automate and optimize workflows, leading to faster claim settlements and a frictionless and transparent claims experience for customers.

We have over 15 years of track record getting companies from seed funding to multiple rounds of public offers. We’ve worked with companies in diverse areas such as Public Sector Traffic Management to Mental Health Assessment; Ecommerce startups to million-dollar Supply chain providers.

In the world of insurance, we are the Technology Partner of Record for the world-leading products in the P&C space to the most advanced claims management company. We are also building the operations system for the most prominent law firm in the Workmen’s compensation area in Southern California.



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